5 comments on “Excercise is Good for You

  1. Great post. Another timely reminder for me (I’ve been more or less idle for over a week :0 ).

    A few years back, I was watching a lecture by Tal Ben Shahar, a former teacher of Positive Psychology at Harvard. He mentioned the common belief that exercising was like taking an antidepressant. He was saying that exercise/physical activity is what our bodies are designed for (as hunter-gatherers). In effect, it is exercise which is NORMAL, and that the way that saying about exercise should go is, NOT EXERCISING is like taking a DEPRESSANT. The point was elaborated that exercising is not some ‘bonus’, but a REQUIREMENT to our emotionally healthy living.

    … looking at your ‘visits’, immediately to the right of this comment box… totally jealous 🙂

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  3. I always feel better for walking to work in the morning – I end up feeling less tired than if I go by car, walking is great for the mind, body and spirit (but I still should eat far less biscuits!)

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