One comment on “Feed the Right Wolf

  1. “OK so I haven’t had an epiphany and become Tony Robbins (I shudder at the thought…)”

    Bah hahaha! That’s awesome.

    “Step 5 was an important one, and not immediately obvious. I didn’t apologise for being away. I carried on as if it was the day after my last post… was looking at the stats the next day and seeing that people had actually read what I wrote, and clicked the “like” button.”

    I have put down and picked up blogs over and over. I often felt silly for having left it for so long, like people would judge me for that or something. Now, especially after reading your posts, and the exchanges we’ve had, I pat myself on the back for picking up a blog at all. It takes courage to do it.

    YOUR courage is ever inspiring, and your words and style are easy to take in, follow, and relate to. 🙂 Cheers!

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