4 comments on “Life is Balance

  1. I have, most of my years, lived a life of extremes. It has only been in recent years that I have started to prefer, and gravitate towards, a balanced life and attitude.

    I agree with you that too much of one energy or quality (male or female) can end up destructive: War, aggression, greed- the masculine hunter gatherer gone wild. Coddling, being a push-over, being taken advantage of- the feminine nurturing and receptiveness being overemphasized.

    I have experienced the detrimental effects of a life of extremes, and what, for me, was the inevitable yo-yo effect, or roller coaster ride between them. Balance. Yes, you’re very right, I think. Balance is incredibly important in our lives.

    I look forward to hearing more about balance in your life (hint, hint… future post request). I still need to be reminded about it at times, and it always helps to hear how others have managed it.


    • Hint acknowledge and filed for the future 🙂 Thank you for your continued patronage and interest, I really enjoy bouncing ideas and posts back and forth. I am going to pop over and read your latest shortly.

  2. Oh, and I totally need to check into a program for my stats watching addiction. I know it’s a little bit vanity, a little amazement (that anybody reads my blog), and a little bit of validation seeking. I know I’ve read about the problem on someone else’s blog, too. We should all come together online and start a stats addiction recovery blog. I’d bet money we’d have over a hundred followers within two weeks… Watching the new followers join up might actually make the problem worse for me though 😦 So, no go for me having any access to such a site’s stats.

  3. My record so far is 60 views in a day, it’s usually 15 to 20. I am pleased with that as I also have 15 followers. Hopefully if I can keep up the posts then the audience will grow a bit and more people will interact like you do.

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