4 comments on “To say it makes it true

  1. “I am terrible for talking myself out of writing as “I will never be as good as XYZ” or “No one will want to read my scribblings”, I am sure you get the general idea.”

    I can totally relate. I am keeping a blog about some philosophical ideas. I process things as I write and a lot of what I write probably just looks like a lot of crazy. I wonder if I sound like I am ‘getting it all wrong’ when I discuss certain ideas and sound ‘dumb’. It takes courage to write (courage that I can’t always summon).

    I admire your courage and I find your blog inspiring. Cheers 🙂

    • I think it’s really important to grab those ideas as they come to you. I try and get my writing down on paper as quickly as possible without thinking about then too much as I will talk myself out of it in exactly the way you describe.

      I don’t know about you, but once it’s out of my head and on paper or on there blog it seems much more real and makes more sense than it did in my head, does that make sense to you?

  2. It does.

    I am a visual person. I need to see the myriad ideas floating around my head on paper/monitor screen before I can refine and organize them. I often just pour it out in a post without thought to structure and flow, then cut and paste a while afterward before hitting ‘publish’.

    Besides that, I am also a very private person, to the point where it is borderline detrimental. The longer I don’t express or share my ideas, thoughts, and feelings, the more confused (and perhaps genuinely crazy sounding) they become. Blogging helps me with that.

    Once my thoughts are out of my head, I can enjoy a little peace inside, and a little relief. After I’ve written things out, I can better express to others in my social circle what’s going on with me, too.

    • Your last paragraph there is brilliant, I can really relate to that feeling of peace and relief after hitting publish. Creativity is often likened to giving birth, it’s a struggle and comes with pain, but the end result is more than with it. I really believe that.

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