5 comments on “Motivation

  1. I fell into this blog after googling gsx600f. I have one of those too, bought it last year after getting my licence πŸ™‚
    But never mind… I think I know part of that feeling. It’s what keeps me from doing stuff that I know I should be doing, and I also know it would probably leave me with a good feeling afterwards. But it’s sometimes such an obstacle just getting my hiney off the couch…
    I really wish I wasn’t this way, but I have no idea how I’d go about turning it around…

  2. @Ken – It really is a great first bike. I have just started pushing it a bit more and despite it being a little lardy by modern standards, it responds well to you being a bit more enthusiastic πŸ™‚

    With regards motivation and the post above, I find that if I can just start doing something, even the tiniest first step, like putting my shoes on for example, sometimes ‘tricks’ my brain into a more positive outlook on the subject of leaving the house – if that makes sense?

    • Hi Ken, firstly love your bike, many happy hours riding, now I dont know if any of this will help and my problem was different but similar in ways, earlier this year I started having panic attacks, it was a combination I think of having an operation and the worry that I may not be well enough to go touring Europe, these panic attacks got worse convincing me I must of had another medical problem, but alas no I didn’t it was all mind games, of course being told I was bringing it on myself just made me feel worse, I eventually pushed myself in doing the things my head was telling me I couldn’t, yes it was hard, I thought I couldn’t eat properly cause I might choke, I thought I couldn’t breath but of course I could,mind over matter little by little and alot of telling myself I can over come this and I would be ok, I have since toured all of Europe on a motorbike from Turkey to the Uk and back and have just recently bought myself a new bike to, not as glam as yours though πŸ˜‰ Stay positive and convince yourself you will be fine…good luck mate x

  3. Yes, Rob I agree. I don’t for a sec think it can hold a candle to anything that comes out of the factory today in the same segment. But I’ve been told from several ppl I trust that this bike will force me to adopt a way of driving that will make me a much better driver.

    I’m not saying that a new bike wouldn’t teach me how to ride. But the new stuff is so forgiving sometimes that it’s not paramoount that you get everything right. (If that makes sense…?) But I think it’s a great bike, even if my experience only covers mine and the one I learned on. A CBF 600…
    I decided I could get my license after I became a dad. One day I knew I could trust myself not to get myself killed. πŸ™‚

    Isn’t it strange how different ppl are? Some just go and get started on everything, while many of us struggle with taking that first step. I think it’s quite logical that the trick works, after all you’re practically ready to go after you’ve put your shoes on. And it is a rather non-committal(Is that a word?) act, I think. Did you ever wonder if this ‘trait’ is connected to your depression, or if it’s just something you experience in addition to it?

  4. “I am finding it really hard to get myself out of the house and onto the bike.”

    I can TOTALLY relate. I have always been involved with sales and marketing in some way. In my mid twenties I started to really develop OCD and some other things- like social anxiety. total killer for someone in sales/marketing. I can *usually* push myself through it, but sometimes it gets too bad and I avoid public places, busy streets, etc.

    Sometime I buy things, like a gym membership last year, or a second bike this year, and then I dont take that first required step to enjoy them- leaving the house.

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